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SEO and social media marketing articles

Good content will generate thousands of visitors from social media channels

As an on line marketing consultant, I have to constantly search out inventive ways to generate traffic to my clients' offers. It is not always easy, because every business is different. The approach I take will vary according to what industry and marketplace I am targeting. But, having said that, I find that there is a basic set of rules you can follow to make sure you reach your target audience and convert at a higher rate. In my opinion there are 5 important parts to making sure your marketing via social media is effective.

Internal Social Networks. The Return Of New And Improved Intranets

More and more companies are seeing and accepting the advantages of social networks to help promote their businesses. A few have even ventured past the line, harnessing social network functionality to boost internal processes and communication. These internal social networks are taking on the role formerly assigned to corporate intranets, but with the added element of high levels of engagement typical of external social media networks.

The Challenge of Social Media Marketing: Getting from Awareness to Trust

Online marketers are now beginning to understand that successful social media marketing is a journey. It takes off from the plains of business exposure, where your efforts get your products and services noticed by your targets and prospects. Then it wends its way through the fickle maze of customer preferences and expectations, hopefully earning that vote of confidence known as the “Like.” If things should go as planned, then the journey ought to end at that most fervently desired of all accomplishments: winning the customer’s trust.

Thoughts on the Social Media Marketing Funnel

It’s often the simple things that leave the biggest mark on that which they touch. Looking at it from the other end, we can break down any large, complex system and discover that it consists of nothing more than a handful of simple building blocks that provide a few basic functions.

Some Thoughts On Pagemodos Social Media Survey Infographics

“One picture is worth ten thousand words,” so goes the Chinese proverb. Just a couple of days ago, Pagemodo posted an infographic that is gaining much attention, visualizing the results of a survey they had earlier undertaken. No details were provided about the survey itself, only that it presumably asked respondents what they thought were the benefits they got out of using social media in their marketing mix. Instead of writing about it, though, they summarized the responses into a series of informative graphs.

A More Social Email

Email marketing has long been the staple of digital marketers and online entrepreneurs. It is a marketing channel that, despite the stigma placed on it by spamming, phishing and other undesirable marketing tactics, remains a tried-and-tested component of the marketing mix. Social media, on the other hand, is an emerging market channel whose potentials are yet to be assessed and realized. Up until now, most digital marketers treat these two areas as distinct and separate from each other.

Is it the Dawn of Mobile Social Networking?

At the beginning of this year, nearly 50 percent of the time people spent using their mobile phones were on games. Mobile phones and games, in fact, appeared to be custom-made for each other, locked in a mutually beneficial embrace that saw both spiraling upward toward incredible levels of success. Smartphone manufacturers were churning out handsets that could accommodate the latest games, providing all the bells and whistles that could do justice to these flights of fancy, and game developers were becoming more sophisticated with their offerings, seeking to take full advantage of the advanced features of the new generation of smartphones.

How Can Small Businesses Take Advantage of Social Media Networks?

The phenomenal explosion in the popularity of social media represents by far the most significant development in the usage of the Internet in the last decade. Millions upon millions of people (maybe even billions) use the Internet to interact with their preferred social media networks. There are many ways in which small businesses can take advantage of this massive interest to help market their products, increase awareness of their business, and especially improve sales.

Creating a Hashtag Campaign on Twitter.

Often the biggest results come from the smallest actions. Take Twitter hashtags, for example. The concept itself is deceptively simple; just add the “#” symbol in front of a word or a group of words with the spaces between them taken out. This tiny bit of detail lets Twitter organically categorize your tweets, as well as anyone else’s, that make use of the exact same hashtag. In a very big way, it is the 140-character equivalent of assigning keyword tags to documents and blog posts.

Did You Hear the One About Creating Great Content?

Tweet and Retweet were in a boat. Tweet fell out. Who was left? Retweet. In case you are not yet aware of this yet, it is a joke that is currently making the rounds on Twitter. Its genius lies in its sheer simplicity. In less than 140 characters this one little line will most likely cause two things to happen when you receive it: it will cause you to chuckle, or at least smile, and it will get you to retweet it to all your followers on Twitter. The part about retweeting is important, of course. It is the whole point of the matter. It is what engagement is all about -- getting your reader to act on your message.
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