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Social Media Marketing

Web marketing professionals know that Social Media marketing channels deliver high-volume traffic. These channels allow you as-a-business to brand yourself and to communicate with your customers and potential buyers. The benefits of Social Media Marketing are potent, and with Isis CMS you can take advantage of some effective promotion media marketing

Email marketing

Isis CMS includes an email and newsletter marketing module that allows you to broadcast your messages to a specified group. (It offers various email templates). You can segment your lists into specific groups of predefined users/ media marketing

Campaign Manager

Keep track of your efforts and improve your marketing campaigns. Isis CMS includes a campaign manager for internal and external tracking. Set up campaigns for leads or sales and track your traffic, conversions, ROI, etc.

Role Based Access

Isis CMS incorporates role-based access control (RBAC), so that you can give each user specific permission to view or manage only what you want to allow access to. Each user can be assigned a set of restrictions (set by administrators of the system) that will determine which parts of the back-end administration can be media marketing

Directory Listings

You can select whether or not you want a link to your site in return for a link given and the system will automatically check for your link before accepting the submission. All entries are stored in the administration console awaiting your approval before media marketing

Google Analytics Integration

Isis CMS will load your Google Analytics data directly into your administration console. This allows you to view your visitor data and provides you with graphical reports that show you everything from Website visits and referrers to keyword use, browsers, exit / landing pages and other metrics.

APC Page Caching

Isis CMS uses APC caching-to-server pages. And, since it was created with the Yii framework which uses a technique called "Lazy-Loading", it only loads controllers that are actually needed at the time a page is served to a user. This framework outperforms most others on the market - especially with regards to loading media marketing