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Video has become one of the best and most popular ways to promote your business on the Web, so of course Isis CMS has incorporated user-friendly tools to distribute your videos to major video sites.

Whether you want to promote your business, or to simply place instructional videos for your clientele, you need a quick and easy way to distribute your videos to the top video sites on the Web.

Some companies use video as an additional source of "brand awareness", but video can be much more than that.

With online videos you can get your message to millions of people throughout the Web, and with Isis CMS you can upload your video content to the top video sites in the world using a very simple process.

But you don't have to log into your account in order to upload your video content!

With Isis CMS, you can upload your video content to our dedicated proxy server and watch the views multiply with minimal effort on your end.

Using video not only helps you get your message across, but experts have determined that video can have a valuable impact on your SEO efforts as well. Search engines can now spider content from videos, and with the right tools you can make sure that your Website gets the visibility it needs to succeed.

  • Submit your video content in one easy process
  • Add titles, keywords, descriptions directly from your admin console
At the moment we have completed the Youtube.Com video module, but we plan on developing them for over 40 different video sites!

Coming Soon!

  • Revver
  • Google
  • Yahoo!
  • AOL
  • MetaCafe
  • Flickr
  • My Space
  • Viddler
  • Orkut
...and many more!

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