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Isis CMS - Web Development

What kind of application do you need?

Isis CMSTo start with, you need an application that is 100% scalable and flexible enough to create new components with ease. No matter what industry you are in - Isis CMS can be customized to suit your needs.

Using Isis CMS as a framework we can develop complex Web applications for industries ranging from online retailers to manufacturers . Whether you need simple custom request forms or complex inventory management systems that interface with your Website  - we have you covered.

Isis CMS includes powerful tools to manage your online content, but because we are a "marketing-centered" company, we have included plenty of marketing tools in our CMS to help you distribute your content across the Web.

Our proprietary content management system can be shaped to your requirements. We take security very seriously, so the applications we build will stand the test of time.

Our development process:

CMS Site Development Lifecycle

1. Initial Concept

Bring your vision to life with Isis CMS. Our proprietary software was designed to meet and exceed today's online business needs.

An extremely flexible MVC structure allows us to create applications that are developed to your exact specifications.

We can help you determine the proper strategy for maximizing your effeciency with our software's powerful publishing and marketing capabilities.

2. Requirement Analysis

With your company's input, an experienced project manager will work with our developers and engineers to develop documentation explaining the needs or conditions your new CMS must meet.

Documentation Process:

  • Requirements Gathering - Clear communication with you or a project manager to determine what your online business needs are.

  • Examine Requirements – In this stage we break down the requirements, and based on your approval we can move to documentation or rework as necessary.

  • Documentation – All requirements will be recorded, stored and passed on to our software architects for initial design of use-case diagrams and wire-frames.

3. System Analysis

If needed, internal systems and processes are examined in order to create a data model that is seamlessly integrated with your existing infrastructure. We tailor our CMS for your particular business model at competitive prices.

4. Design and Architecture

Prior to beginning the development phase, we will provide you with complete diagrams outlining all components, modules and models and how they will be used in the development of your publishing platform. You are provided with UML Use Case, Class, Sequence and Deployment diagrams to approve before any development takes place.

5. Development Phase

Now we get to the fun part! Our software developers customize Isis CMS using the approved documentation generated in the previous phases. Our software is built on PHP/MySQL and can run on both Linux and Windows environments.

6. Usability Testing

Our information architects and usability experts make sure your Website and CMS perform to the highest expectations. We want to make sure our software solutions provide the absolute best possible user experience. Using mental models that decrease a user's cognitive load, everyone-- your employees, Website visitors and customers-- will all have an easier time performing their individual tasks.

7. Deployment Phase

Once development has been completed and your application has been thoroughly tested, we will deploy your CMS to your server. Or, we can set it up locally as an appliance and ship it directly to your office or data center.

8. Review / Analysis

We will work with your internal staff to carefully review the implementation of your new publishing platform and record any bugs or improvements that need to be addressed in the next iteration of our development cycle.


We leave no stone unturned in this process. We work to ensure that your project is completed in a quick and professional manner. If you need our help, call us @ 888.444.6897, or contact us via our online contact form .

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